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The best way for a safe waterproofing
Our Method

The Resin is a reticulated polymer that can be applied in different situations. Waterproofing an indoor or outdoor vertical or horizontal surface, already existing or new with resin means choosing the most effective material. The breakages and detachments of traditional waterproofing generally arise near skylights, chimneys, pipes or fittings. The resin, on the other hand, is perfectly fit for  these particular situations thanks to the liquid application and the reinforced fabric,  which gives it a 2/3 mm thickness. 


Waterproofing can be necessary in many situations in the industrial field. For example for the roofing, the restorarion of pre-existing bases or for new surfaces. We also waterproof many indoor areas where water is frequently used or where many basins are present (as in food companies for example).


At the residential level there many contexts where waterproof is required, for example for external terrace (old or new), roof terraces, wellness areas or bathrooms.  Resin has highly performant aesthetical and waterproofing qualities, therefore it is the perfect material for these situations.  

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Our Method

From your Idea to the Turnkey Delivery
Our method

Waterproofing with our resin is quick. Our application systems allow to reduce the product drying time and to work on pre-existing coatings, renewing  and covering them.



Once we have realized  a waterproofing cycle, this can be warranted for up to 20 years. Thanks to our long experience we are proud to number many much longer-lived examples.


We do not replace the old waterproofing made of prefabricated or bituminous sheaths. Instead, once renovated we will  cover them to create a continuous waterproofing without joints nor points of possible breaking or cracking spaces.

Approccio al cliente

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 1  Inspection and Evaluation

 After the customer's enquiry our technicians carry out an on-site inspection for an accurate evaluation of the pre-existing floor on which the resin shall be applied. 


 The parameters to take into consideration are: the position, the usage of the floor, the degradation of the base and the possible presence of other agents that may affect the flooring.  

 2  Design of the Finish

After the preliminary analysis of the surface to be coated, our technicians will select the right and customized application cycle for the desired floor.  


After understanding the customer's needs, we will present different solutions with different kinds of resins and finishes, all equally effective.

 3  Other Complementary Works

Besides flooring or coating, other complementary works like rounded edges or joists can also be implemented.


From your Idea to the Turnkey Delivery
Why Resin for Waterproofing in the Residential Field

In residential environments, using resin for waterproofing meets both functional and aesthetic requirements thanks to its well-known characteristics: low thickness, absence of joints and endless possibilities for customization.


Today the bathroom has has become something different to what it has traditionally been: it is an area used to take care of your person. In this case we use resin  for a customized waterproofing of floors, walls in bathrooms and  the shower or bathful area in bathroom according to the customer's needs.


Waterproofing a terrace and/or a balcony with resin will allow you  a flooring that will create continuity between indoor and outdoor bases.

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  • Functional needs

  • Bathroom, Shower and Bathtub

  • Terraces and Balconies



From your Idea to the Turnkey Delivery
Why Resin for Waterproofing in the Industrial Field

During our experiences we have gained a high reputation in the field of waterproofing in industries and we can number a significant amount of huge works in our references portfolio. 


Resin allows to waterproof coverings of industrial and commercial buildings and to create a flooring suitable for vehicles and pedestrians at the same time. 

Basins and Tanks

RPM has carried out many installations in food industries where the characteristics of continuity, hygiene and easy cleanliness are required. We are often required to cover basins and/or tanks with our products in order to make them waterproof and perfectly hygienic.

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  • Roofing of industrial buildings

  • Suitable for vehicles and pedestrians

  • Basins and Tanks

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