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From Production to Flooring
The Materials

Epoxy, polyurethane, methacrylate or cementituos resins if properly processed can recall some visual effects present in nature. 

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These floors are suitable both in the residential and commercial fields. For example, the "nature" effect is particularly appreciated in floors and coatings of living rooms and bathrooms.

Production and Flooring

The decorative cycle includes the following phases: first the base is prepared through  sanding, then the epoxy primer is applied as well as the pigmented resin, which is added with powders and colors and refined with an anti-UV finish if necessary.


Our materials are certified and manufactured in full compliance wit the EU normatives in force.  

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  • High Aesthetical Content

  • Trowelled

  • Materic Floors

The Finishes
The finishes

The finishes available for this line are: wood, sea and corten.

The "wood" effect allows to have all shades and the whole resistance of the resin.

Choosing your favourite RAL colours and through an overlapping process,  the "Sea" finish can make your floor and/or coating extremely charming.

The "Corten" effect is realized inserting metal particles in the resinous compound. This material will then undergo a series of treatments that will give a rust-like appereance to the surface. The color is intense, crinkled and the risulting surface is natural and innovative. 

These processings can be applied to floors, walls and furniture. 

Tailor-made products
Tailor-Made Products  

During every installation we are constantly in touch with our customers in order to realize a tailor-made floor or coating. 

During the various design and project phases and the subsequent inspections on site we want our customers to feel completely involved in our work. 

Some examples
Some Examples
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