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How We Work

From the Product to the Flooring
About Resin

Resin is a cross-linked polymer divided into two main groups: pure resins (metacrylate, epoxy and polyurethane) and cement-based resins. 

Furthermore, this material may have different configurations thanks to special finishes applied in the last phase of layering.


 Analysis & Design

Before applying the resin on a surface, it is essential to evaluate all elements that may affect the laying and the final result. An accurate analysis of all influential agents is the first step for an excellent design and a subsequent impeccable execution of work.

Production & Flooring

After the design and the  inspection by our technicians  we choose  the most suitable material, which will be added with the correct fillers and will undergo a special flooring cycle according to the desired effect and the final use of the floor.  

Support & Customer Care

Our Marketing Office is at our customer’s full disposal for a quick reply to the inquiries. Our Technical Department will follow the customer during the inspections and all workers during the flooring or coating.

About Resin

From your Idea to the Turnkey Delivery 
About resin

Resin is an innovative and versatile material that can be used to give a continuity effect among different surfaces like floors, walls, stairs and furnishing.  

Thanks to the wide choice of basic colours and surface treatments (trowelled mono and multichromatic), every floor is unique and reflects the customer's tastes perfectly. 


Resin is a waterproof material and does not absorb liquids,  therefore is  less subject to  the formation of stains. 

Resins melt inside the structure of common construction materials (like bricks, sandstone, mortar etc.) and creating a thick waterproof network even in places  with high humidity levels.  

The waterproofing of the surface and/or coating  will be completely waterproof at the end of all application cycles. 


Resin is very versatile and allows to obtain many decorative effects, different colours and matches and to realise smooth,  rough, shiny or matt surfaces.  

It is possible to emulate any natural effect, from a classical style to modern scenic effects with a strong visual impact. 

Moreover, resin can be embellished by iridencences, trowelled or uniform, mono or multichrome always mainteining its resistance, hygiene, high washability and low thickness. 


Resins can perfectly adapt to the adequately prepared surface where they are applied. 

This allows getting a monolithic floor and/or coating without joints or tiles. Furthermore, it helps levelling the floor and makes it more resistant to strains, chemical substances and wear. According to the resin used and the application cycle, we can get resistant floors with different thicknesses (from 1 to 13 mm). 

Easy Maintenance

Besides being resistant against external agents, resins can also be repaired quickly without entailing excessive costs. 

if the floor is damaged, we can fix the crackings repairing the surface and re-applying the same type of resin, even with a different finish.

Analysis and Design

From your Idea to the Turnkey Delivery
Analysis and Design
Approccio al cliente

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 1  Inspection and Evaluation

After the customer's enquiry our technicians carry out an on-site inspection for an accurate evaluation of the pre-existing floor on which the resin shall be applied. 

 The parameters to take into consideration are: the position,  the usage of the floor, the degrada of the base and the possible presence of other agents that may affect the flooring.  

 2  Design of the Finish

After the preliminary analysis of the surface to be coated, our technicians will select the right and customized application cycle for the desired floor.  


After understanding the customer's needs, we will present different solutions with different kinds of resins and finishes, all equally effective.

 3  Complementary Works

Besides flooring or coating, we do other complementary works such as shells or joists for structural joints.

Production and Flooring

From your Idea to the Turnkey Delivery
Production and Flooring
 1  The Inspection

The inspection is carried out by a specialized technician who will analyse the pre-existing floor.

He will evaluate the state of the floor, the planarity of the base, the presence of slopes and dents, faults and water infiltrations which may affect the flooring. 

 2  Repairing

If our technicians will report any of the above-written problems, the base will be repaired and made adequately uniform for a correct adhesion of the resinous base. 

By means of operations like sanding, sandpapering, shot peening,  pressure wash, we can remove any faults.

 3  Primer Application

After checking the base and its conditions, we can apply the primer.  

Its functio is making the surface complete uniform and  the base more porous allowing a better adhesion of the resin. 

This mixture is rather fluid, can be water-based and can penetrate very deeply. 


 4  Application of the Resin Mixture

Once the support is treated with the adhesive primer, the resin decided during the design phase is applied. 

There are different kinds of resin and each one has its own features and a different flooring cycle, from the self-levelling to the multi-layer trowelling.  

In this phase it is also possible to add quartzes, coloured dusts or other decorative elements. 

 5  Quality Check

Our technicians will be Always presen during the whole installation process and they will be in close contact with the layers and ready to solve  any technical problems. 

After the end of all works, our customers can count on a constant and complete support from our  Marketing Department.

 6  Application of the Final Seal

Once the applied resin is dry, it is possible to apply the desired finish (for example shiny or mat), an anti-UV filter (if needed), company logos or other signs.

Support and Customer Care

From your Idea to the Turnkey Delivery
Support and Customer Care
Our Technical Department

Our Technical Department is always at our customer's disposal to advice the most suitable solutions for every need and to explain all production phases for every product. 

We are always ready and pleased to listen to our customers and their preferences about the finishes, aesthetical appearance and other more technical questions (for example for coatings subject to particular stresses). 

Our Marketing Department

Our Marketing Department is the first office that gets in touch with our customers.   

Kindness and availability are their keywords to support the customers in every phase, from the first contact with the technical department to the after-sales assistance.  

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