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From the Product to the Flooring
Why using resin in the Industry buildings?

There are specific requirements for industrial flooring and resin is the material that can satisfy all of them. Based on the type of resin and the application cycle, thermal stress, acids, high driveability, are no longer a problem. The flooring for the industry, be it chemical, mechanical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing (etc ...) has always been the core business of Rpm Italia.

The resins for the Galvanic Industry

Rpm Italia offers flooring and resin coatings dedicated to the Galvanic industry. In fact, traditional floors tend to be corroded and damaged by the spills of acids, bases, detergents and additives used in the process tanks. RPM pavings in polyurethane cement guarantee resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, oils and greases, aggressive gases and saltiness. Based on the final coating thickness, the thermal resistance increases up to 120 ° C.

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