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From Production to Flooring
The Materials

Thanks to the use of HD adhesives or prints, we are able to customize floors and walls with decorative patterns that are incorporated into the resin coating.

We Recommend It For...

For everyone who wishes to have a customized environment with unique floors and walls. 

Production and Flooring

During the project we work with trusted artisans who take care of the high-definition printing of the chosen decorative motif and the realization of the PVC mask, which is added into the classic application cycle of the resin. Once the primer has been prepared and applied, the print is applied, followed by the resin and the final seal.


Our materials are certified and manufactured in full compliance with the EU normatives in force.  

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  • PVC adhesives and masks

  • Customization

  • HD Decorations

The Finishes
The finishes

All finishes of this line are fully customized according to our customer's requests.

Tailor-made products
 Tailor-Made Products  

During every installation we are constantly in touch with our customers in order to realize a tailor-made floor or coating. 

During the various design and project phases and the subsequent inspections on site we want our customers to feel completely involved in our work. 

Some Examples
Some examples
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