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The Materials

The Venetian floor  in resin, also known as Terrazzo alla Veneziana,  is the re-visitation of a great classic. It is composed of a resin base mixed with grits of marble, glass, stones or nacres of various sizes. using the resin instead of lime as a binder, makes this flooring much more resistant.

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This floor has a very high quality and gives a touch of great elegance, classicism and extreme brightness.  

Production and Flooring

To produce the floor we use a mixture of epoxy resins and marble powders, on which we add grits of different colors and sizes. After the catalysis and subsequent sanding, the floor undergoes a shiny or satin finish.


Our materials are certified and manufactured in full compliance with the EU normatives in force.  

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  • Classic Floor

  • High Resistance

  • Marble, stones, glass or nacre

The Finishes

The floor will have different features in accordance with the dimensions of the marble and the grits inserted in the epoxy resin.  At the end the floor will be refined with a shiny or satin finish.  

 Tailor-Made Products  

During every installation we are constantly in touch with our customers in order to realize a tailor-made floor or coating. 

During the various design and project phases and the subsequent inspections on site we want our customers to feel completely involved in our work. 

Some Examples

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