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Food Industries

From the Product to the Flooring
Why using resin in Food Industries?

The resin is a material widely used in food companies due to its resistance and hygiene characteristics. Depending on the needs and the agents that will come into contact with the floor, a specific resin is prepared. The low thickness guarantees the minimum inconvenience for the production in case of renovation as the new laying can go to cover, once properly prepared, the existing flooring.

The Canning Industry

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In the canning industry, resin is the ideal material for covering floors and walls in production departments, warehouses and offices. A resin flooring is able to withstand high temperatures, spills of hot products and passage of forklifts, Rpm Italia realizes floorings with signposts for forklifts, shells with the walls in the production environment and in the corporate office spaces.


works completed

150.000+ m2

of surfaces treated

The Fruit & Vegetable Industry

The resin is a material that is widely used in fruit and vegetable companies thanks to its waterproof properties and fast and simple sanitization. It has anti-slip properties thanks to the inclusion of quartz which makes it an R10 graded flooring.

The Confectionery Industry

In the Confectionery Industry, the resin can be used both in production and in office spaces. The resin flooring maintains a very low bacterial load, ideal in those production environments where edible products are processed. It has a strong resistance to thermal shock and does not fear contact with biological spills.

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