Flooring and production of residential resin floors for civil-use buildings and houses, from the kitchen to the livingroom and bathroom. 


Resin floors to create modern to create modern, minimalist or classy locations with heavy pedestrian traffic.


Resin for environments where hygiene and safety are extremely important.

Antibacterial and anti-slip surfaces in spa areas where the resin minimalism and continuity give a great sense of relax. 


Floors, walls and furniture, for a unique and customizable style.


For a maximum hygiene, using resin is the best choice.


Resin floors fro the chemical, metal processing and food industries. Special solutions for logistics and warehouses. 


Resin coatings for places subjected to a high traffic of vehicles and their continuos stresses.

Sport Facilities

Long-lasting floors that does not require a costant maintenance and with high customization and hygene performances. 


Antidust, waterproof, highly hygenical and breathable solutions for wineries. 


Resin floors for clasrooms, common areas, kitchens and toilets. 


Durable flooring solutions in environments where high hygienic conditions and high pedestrian traffic must be guaranteed.

Food Industries

Flooring with high resistance to abrasion, thermal shock, highly hygienic, easy to clean and waterproof.

Dairy processing Industries

Resin floors with excellent thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance properties.

Mechanical Industries

Anti-oil industrial floors, with high thermal and chemical resistance, ideal for mechanical workshops.

Meat processing Industries

High washable resin coatings, and simple cleaning suitable for environments where food is processed.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Resin floors for the pharmaceutical industry. High resistance to chemicals, anti-dust and anti-contamination properties.

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