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From Production to Flooring
The Materials

The trowelled resin has a natural wavy effect given by the trowelling.  It can have one or two colours, depending on the desired effect, for example a monochrome effect will be less bright as a duotone effect.  

We Recommend It For...

Choosing this floor you will get a high-impact visual surface.

An excellent use of trowels and resins through a clever chromatic play (ton sur ton or with contrasting shades), allows to realize continuous coatings with sofisticated patterns. The same technique can be used also for vertical surfaces.

Production and Flooring

During the flooring many resinous layers are applied and processed with special trowels to get special contrasts and movements. After that the floor is refined with a shiny or mat effect to protect the surface and give further depth to the chromatic pattern.

The trowelled coating can be realized using a wide range of colours within the RAL table. 


Our materials are certified and manufactured in full compliance with the EU normatives in force.  

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  • Natural wavy effect

  • Monochromy and Duotones

  • Sophisticated Pattern

The Finishes
The finishes

The finishes available for this product are Shiny and Mat.

According to the customer's preferences, we can play not only with the colours and their shades but also on the final effect of the floor thanks to the shiny or mat finish. 

Tailor-made products
 Tailor-Made Products  

During every installation we are constantly in touch with our customers in order to realize a tailor-made floor or coating. 

During the various design and project phases and the subsequent inspections on site we want our customers to feel completely involved in our work. 

Some Examples
Some examples
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