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Cement-based Resin

From Production to Flooring 
The Materials

This product combines the qualitative performances of the resin with the typical materic effect of the cement. The finish is warm and silky to the touch and its texture has chromatic marblings and materic vibrations as a result of their processing.   

We Recommend it For...

Floors and coatings in cement-based resin are suitable in all contexts where continuity, washability, sound absorption and resistance are required together with a high materic aesthetical effect and with surprising light refraction effects. 

Production and Flooring

After the examination of the existing floor, which must be planar and moisture-free, we will prepare the base and then apply the various layers of cement-based resin. 

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  • Continuity 

  • Material Aesthetical Effect

  • Cement-like Effect

The Finishes
The finishes

The finish will give the floor or coating a cement-like effect.

 Tailor-Made Products  

During every installation we are constantly in touch with our customers in order to realize a tailor-made floor or coating. 

During the various design and project phases and the subsequent inspections on site we want our customers to feel completely involved in our work. 

Tailor-made products
Some examples
Some Examples
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