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Sanitile System

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​Sanitile WB Base Primer

It is a two-component water-based amine-based epoxy primer. 

Sanitile WB Base Primer is used as an adhesion promoter for non porous, very dense substrates such as ceramic tiles, engineering brick. It is also a primer/sealer for porous substrates such as concrete, plaster or render.


Sanitile WB High Gloss

WB High Gloss is a 2 component system based on a modified polyurethane resin. This product has good application and curing properties and forms a tough, glossy surface. It is used where a hygienic, easy to clean surface must be achieved.

lt is highly chemically resistant. and it is usually used in food and drinks industry, hospitals, laboratories, restaurant's kitchens, hotels and schools.
The Sanitiles WB High Gloss can also be used as an anti-graffiti coating. lt resists to graffiti removers which dissolve the graffiti.

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