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Monepox System

From the Product to the Flooring

Monepox SG Primer

Bicomponent epoxy primer, without solvents, for concrete floors.


Monepox 110

It’s a predosed two component liquid epoxy coating with excellent wear and acid resistance. It can be applied onto both horizontal and vertical substrates. It’s easy to clean, easy application and available in different colours.

Monepox 103 S

Bicomponent epoxy primer, without solvents


Monepox AQ​

It’s a waterbased epoxy coating. Can be applied on light wet surfaces as well as on asphalt floors. It can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications.


Monepox SL

It’s a solvent free, predosed three component liquid epoxy. It is used as a dustfree, acid and alkali resistant, jointless, self-levelling industrial flooring mortar, with a 2-3 mm thickness. It can be used in food factories, breweries, dairies, battery recharging stations, paper factories, printing offices and diamond factories. Is only suitable for interior use and horizontal surfaces.


Monepox SG

It’s a universal epoxy binder, used as a base for several epoxy flooring systems. This product has high mechanical properties, excellent chemical resistance and low yellowing effect in time.        



It’s a one part, solvent containing, aliphatic polyurethane based surface sealer. After drying it gives a satin like finish appearance with excellent abrasion and scratch resistance.

It’s resistant to a wide range of chemicals as weak solutions of acids, alkalis, salt solutions, fats and oils and improves the resistance to traffic contamination.

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