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Matacryl System

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Matacryl Primer

Matacryl  Primer is a low viscosity, colourless, 2 component reactive resin based on methyl methacrylate (MMA).

It is used as the prime coat for bituminous substrates. However we recommend to use the Matacryl® Manual membrane as a prime coat. It has an excellent adhesion to cementitious and wooden substrates. Of fast and safe curing even at low temperatures and provides good adhesion to subsequent coats.


Matacryl Manual​

Matacryl® Manual is a medium viscosity, urethane-modified, solventless, one component 100% reactive membrane system based on methyl methacrylate. It is designed as a simple to apply, highly elastomeric liquid waterproofing membrane. It is highly flexible with excellent crack-bridging characteristics even at extremely low temperatures (-20°C and below).  It can be applied using a roller o a squeegee, and can be applied on vertical surfaces adding a thixotropic additive.


Matacryl WL

It’s a modified polyurethane resin based on acrylic polymers and monomers.

Matacryl WL is an elastified binder suitable for the formulation of flexible membranes subjected to sub-zero temperatures. They are mainly used for: shock-absorbing and waterproofing membranes, flexible floor coverings especially when exposed to low temperatures (e.g. cold rooms), ramps, bridges and parking lots.


Matacryl Topcoat​

Matacryl Topcoat is a two-component, low viscosity, violet-blue, UV-resistant, reactive resin based on methyl methacrylate (MMA). After the polymerization, the blue-violet color is no longer visible.

It is used as a sealant for Matacryl waterproofing systems. Easy to apply, fast hardening and UV resistant.

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